Polaroid All in One – Root, Un-Root, Play Store(gapps) – May work on other devices

Polaroid All in One will allow to you easily and quickly Root, Un-Root, and Install/Remove Google Applications and Google Services Framework. This software is designed for the PTAB8000, but may work for other similar tables. I am open to developing for other devices however this is the only device I have on hand at the moment. Feel free to try this method on your own devices, and if you have any issues just let me know. I would like to build a supported devices list (and probably change the name). If you are interested in helping me on this project be sure to let me know.

I’ve made some progress on the next release, that was until I managed to brick my device. I don’t have a MicroSD card on me at the moment. So there will be a slight delay in the next release (v1.3). However I did seem to have all the google apps and frameworks running stable before i bricked the tablet. Once i get it back online I will be working getting the unsuported apps working (such as netflix and angry birds). For the time being you can checkout http://1mobile.com for many of the blocked apps. If i recall correctly the Netflix version on 1mobile would not run on my tablet, I ended up geting the app here (i think): http://www.4shared.com/android/BK13i…180Android.htm

build.prop does not seem to have any effect on the play store filtering the results, which is very strange. Still working on getting all the apps to work.

Current Release : v1.2

Polaroid AIO v1.2

New in this release

  • Completly re-coded in c++
  • New root checking method (more accurate)
  • This release will clean up the garbage left behind by 1.1
  • Fixed black screen issue after rooting
  • Exploit is no longer required to install gapps if you already have root
  • Updated exploit method (Special thanks to Binary)
  • Added Un-Root option (leaves no evidence behind)

Known Bugs
Google Services Framework (com.google.gapps) crashes randomly
USB Debugging can cause the Play Store to crash
Some application show up as un-supported by device in the play store

v1.0 — Outdated and taken offline, major issues with this release.
v1.1 — Outdated and taken offline, this release had a big issue with black screens after reboot

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