Samsung Exynos Movement

By now you guys may have heard of the latest news regarding Samsung’s unwillingness to release documentation about their Exynos chip based devices. Codeworkx and Entropy have been trying for quite some time now but Samsung has responded in a somewhat optimistic fashion. The story is in the portal if you haven’t seen it yet.

I’m posting this here so we can get as many people as possible to contact Samsung via all the social media avenues we have(twitter,Facebook,google+, etc). Lets tell them what we want and the possibility that we may go with another manufacturer for our next device(I.e LG Nexus device, hopefully open source).

I would implore users to follow @Entropy512 and @codeworkx on twitter to join the conversation :D

Portal link:…#disqus_thread

Petition thread:….php?t=1925709

Codeworkx comments:…ostcount=17071


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